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Posted by ridley on 02-Jan-2018 08:33

Scenario: importing data from xml into a dataset, where the xml node names dont exactly match the database field names.

I know you can specify XML-NODE-NAME in the temp table field definition

eg FIELD description AS CHARACTER XML-NODE-NAME "desc"

but I would like to be able to specify the field name in the xml schema. I was hoping adding in prodata:fieldName would work:

<xsd:element name="desc" type="xsd:string" nillable="true" prodata:format="x(256)" prodata:fieldName="description" />

but it doesnt seem to. Is there a way to achieve what I'm after?

Thanks, Steve

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Posted by Robin Brown on 31-Jan-2018 15:57

I'm not sure what you are after.  What is the database field name?  The XML Schema snippet is defining the temp-table field name 'description' with an XML -NODE-NAME 'desc'.   'desc' is what will be serialized with the temp-table data. When deserialized the <desc> element  will be recognized as the 'description field'.

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