Communicating with an AppServer using TCP / HTTP

Posted by Pan Kolega on 13-Dec-2017 15:31

I'm looking for a way of communicating with an OpenEdge AppServer from an external program (e.g. Python script) using TCP or even HTTP, if that's possible. To be more specific, I want to call a remote ABL procedure (.r) with some data and receive the results for further processing.

I have seen a few data integration platform which allow you to use their building blocks which serve as some kind of OpenEdge gateways, but I'd rather roll my own solution.

My question: is there a documented protocol which would let me achieve this? I was unable to find anything of this sort in the Progress documentation so far.

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Posted by David Ysmael on 13-Dec-2017 15:54


You can create a RESTful service and access it from any external program that can send the request (most languages support this).

Take a look at this:

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