CONTAINS - Single v Multiple performance

Posted by danielb on 11-Dec-2017 17:15

I have a quick question regarding the CONTAINS operator.

Is there any performance/efficiency benefits using the "&" operator inside the criteria, v multiple CONTAINS clauses on the same query?

For example:

FOR EACH table
    WHERE table.field CONTAINS "alpha & beta & gamma"


FOR EACH table
    WHERE table.field CONTAINS "alpha"
    AND table.field CONTAINS "beta"
    AND table.field CONTAINS "gamma"

The xref shows that the latter uses multiple indexes (all the same index), whereas the former uses a single index. I've run some performance comparisons, and the timings are almost identical (+/- some statistical differences), so I'm comfortable that there is no material performance difference, but wanted to be certain.

I have found that the order of the terms inside of the CONTAINS operator make a difference, so if the least common word is first, then the query executes much quicker than if the most common word was first. I remember seeing a community post/KB about this, but can't find it at the moment.

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