Unusual Progress error message from jms/impl/message.p (9084

Posted by MBeynon on 05-Dec-2017 08:39


We have a workflow type OE application that uses a procedure (QueueSender.p) to hand over to the JMS adapter to send JMS compliant messages.


--> deleteMessage jms/impl/message.p (d:\dlcv10\jms\impl\message.r) at line 364

   disconnect jms/impl/msgreceiver.p (d:\dlcv10\jms\impl\msgreceiver.r) at line 941

   deleteSession jms/impl/session.p (d:\dlcv10\jms\impl\session.r) at line 2515

   deleteSession jms/ptpsession.p (d:\dlcv10\jms\ptpsession.r) at line 20

   deleteSonicSession QueueSender.p (QueueSender.r) at line 5379

Occasionally we get an unusual error (9084);

"Attempt to reference an UNDO GLOBAL variable after a transaction backout has removed its definition. (9084)

A persistent procedure that defines NEW GLOBAL UNDO variables inside a transaction, and that has subroutines that could refer to these variables after a transaction backout, will cause this error.  Make the variables NO-UNDO, or move them to a procedure that runs BEFORE the transaction begins."

After looking on the KB I can't seem to get any more info on this particular error. Has anyone else seen this? Should I log a support ticket with Progress?

We are using OE102B.08 on a Windows server OS.

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Posted by dbeavon on 27-Dec-2019 20:59

Did you get anywhere with this?  I'm having a similar issue when trying to clean up my sessions.

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