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Posted by dbeavon on 27-Nov-2017 23:26

I am trying to wrap my head around the additional licenses we'll need to run "Prod AS for OE" (PAS) in production.  So far I've identified that these two additional licenses may be necessary at a minimum (given the RDBMS is remote):

  • client networking (for accessing a remote database using client/server)
  • query/results (for runtime compilation of dynamic reporting programs)

I'm trying to figure out if there may be any other hidden licensing issues that I may run into.  For example, we do a lot of async messaging via the "Adapter for SonicMQ".  Ideally we'd be able to use the "clientconnect" model that has minimal infrastructure, but I had heard that "clientconnect" isn't supported yet with PAS.  My understanding is that the only adapter model that *is* supported with PAS is the ubroker variety ("brokerconnect")...   If I want to use "brokerconnect" with PAS, will I need anything beyond the three licenses I had already mentioned above?

I see in the following article that "brokerconnect" might actually be a component of client networking.  Can someone verify that since the article is quite old?

It seems a bit odd that a ubroker product like the "Adapter for SonicMQ" would be a part of the "client networking" license.  Does that also imply that some portion of admin server will be installed as well, to manage the "brokerconnect" adapter?

Thanks in advance, David

Posted by Srinivas Munigala on 29-Nov-2017 01:36

To use "brokerConnect" functionality with PAS in production, you need to install "OpenEdge JMS Adapter". It is available in 11.7.2. For licensing information for this product, please contact Progress Sales Representative.

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Posted by Akshay Guleria on 28-Nov-2017 06:22

I would recommend you to contact Progress representatives in your region. The licensing requirement could also depend on what kind of partner relationship you have with Progress already.

Posted by dbeavon on 28-Nov-2017 08:07

The piece that I'm specifically concerned about at this time is "brokerconnect".

There are a ton of KB articles that are written using the same template, ie: "under which licences can I use product/feature X".  The answer to the question is pretty close, I haven't quite put my finger on it.  Ideally we'd have a pretty good idea what we need before we start asking a salesrep to buy it.  (If you look at the link below to KB P184623, you will see that we could buy the entire RDBMS license and that would gain access to the "brokerconnect" sonic adapter ... obviously that would be a roundabout way of obtaining brokerconnect.)

Here is another interesting article about brokerconnect licensing which seems to indicate that it is *not* part of "client networking".

Unless this article is incomplete, it conflicts with the previous KB that I had referenced earlier.  This one is a more recent article.  It indicates that "brokerconnect" is bundled with *server*-related products (RDBMS, OpenEdge Development Server, and such).  It does not mention "client networking" as one of the licenses which "brokerconnect" is bundled with.

Unfortunately none of the articles indicate that "brokerconnect" is bundled with PAS.  I'm under the assumption that I'll need PAS, and "client networking", and "query/results", and yet another license (yet to be determined) that makes the "brokerconnect" adapter available to PAS.

Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 28-Nov-2017 09:06

I would recommend that you understand what you want in terms of licenses *before* you talk to a rep.

Note that one does not need *both* Client Networking *and* Query/Results.  The latter obviates the need for the former.  

Posted by Srinivas Munigala on 29-Nov-2017 01:36

To use "brokerConnect" functionality with PAS in production, you need to install "OpenEdge JMS Adapter". It is available in 11.7.2. For licensing information for this product, please contact Progress Sales Representative.

Posted by dbeavon on 29-Nov-2017 08:49

Thanks  Srinivas.  It sounds like some of those KB's need updating (eg P108780, P184623).

This installs the admin server as well, along with OEE for visibility on the adapter, right?

Thanks, David

PS. Personally I think this needs to be a component that is bundled with a purchase of PAS.  The act of making a JMS request against a remote messaging broker is a pretty fundamental thing to do in a business application.  My understanding is that most of the client-side libraries for messaging products are free.

I guess that one alternative is to make use of a "brokerconnect" adapter installed on another server (eg. the one that is running on our OE RDBMS database server, for example).  But it seems odd to make one network hop just to get to the adapter and another to get to the actual messaging broker.  (Multiplied by two when the messaging occurs between two separate ABL applications).  Messaging technologies are typically supposed to be very efficient and fast.  (In the best case the adapter is installed locally on the PAS server - even then the JMS client activity still must happen out-of-process in a java.exe, which is already somewhat unfortunate).

Posted by Srinivas Munigala on 30-Nov-2017 00:37

Hi David,

It doesn't install AdminServer and OEE. "OpenEdge JMS Adapter" works without these components.


Srinivas Munigala

Posted by dbeavon on 30-Nov-2017 12:21

So is it a totally new thing?  

With OEE, I could browse to my brokerconnect adapter and manage it with start/stop commands.  Is there a similar management U/I to do that with "OpenEdge JMS Adapter"? or do you connect to it remotely from another admin server?

I can't find any hits on google for this thing.  Can you point me to more material?  Is our salesrep going to know what it is?

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