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Posted by agent_008_nl on 22-Nov-2017 00:48

"A common task in programming is processing a list of objects. Most programmers naturally do this with a loop, as it's one of the basic control structures we learn with our very first programs. But loops aren't the only way to represent list processing, and in recent years more people are making use of another approach, which I call the collection pipeline. This style is often considered to be part of functional programming, but I used it heavily in Smalltalk. As OO languages support lambdas and libraries that make first class functions easier to program with, then collection pipelines become an appealing choice."

Wouldn't it be nice to have these collection pipelines in oe?

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It would, map and reduce on buffers would be nice also :)

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Posted by agent_008_nl on 22-Nov-2017 06:35

Something like linq  you mean? Creator of linq is Erik Meijer btw, who is a  real computer scientist - contrary to Martin Fowler. Fowler I deem accepted as "thought leader" for this forum,  with a rare exception like me of course. Therefore I copied a link to a Fowler article in the first message, hahaha. Here EM talks about linq: Nice video with Meijer in action, for agile lovers:

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