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Posted by Pierre Blitzkow on 16-Nov-2017 10:24

Hello Everyone,

Today I have a system that runs in industry, it's build with frontend Flex and backend Progress (webspeed), through call webservice, backend system usualy return XML to Flex. But for many reasons and the main that Flex are end of live I need to change frontend, so what fellows use to develop web interface communicating with progress?

I imagine that the best will be pure html but I do not know how to communicate with progress, And the best way would be for me to use the same programs that I use with flex.

Thank in advance any suggestions.

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Posted by egarcia on 16-Nov-2017 13:24

Hello Pierre,

For the frontend most likely, you would be using HTML / HTML5.

To make the development easier a framework such as Angular, Vue.js or React or a UI library such as Kendo UI that support multiple frameworks.




You may also be interested on using Kendo UI Builder for OpenEdge to build your application and generate it into HTML/JS/CSS with Kendo UI and AngularJS.



Kendo UI Builder communicates with OpenEdge Data Services and also REST services.

The communication with the OpenEdge Data Service uses the JSDO (JavaScript Data Object) which provides an API to work with local data and access remote data via REST (with JSON payload).

The architecture used with Kendo UI Builder and OpenEdge Data Services (REST) enables you also work with Mobile clients.

Here is a simple sample of the JSDO using plain JavaScript (with jQuery Promises):


Here is a sample of the JSDO working with Kendo UI:


It would be possible for you to adapt your WebSpeed programs to return JSON that conform to the JSON-payload of OpenEdge Data Services (you also need a catalog file).

However, you would get more functionality by using PASOE and PDSOE for tooling support.

The following post in the forum provides info on a subject similar to your question:


Please let me know if you need additional information.

I hope this helps,


Posted by Pierre Blitzkow on 29-Nov-2017 06:39

Hello Edsel,

Thank for the answer, I install trial Kendo UI but this time I didn't dedicate me and the period of trial has expired. Do you know how I can new trial period?

You have a link that show step by step a sample that communicate with Openedge BD?

Thank in advance.

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