OpenEdge 11.7 CDC - Event Listening

Posted by andrew.clifford on 13-Nov-2017 16:44

I'm looking to add an event listener on creation of CDC records, These are unfortunately frozen and unavailble for adding triggers to (unless someone can advise how to unfreeze system tables). 

Of course CDC is useful for reviewing changes but it is much more relevant to trigger events off of these changes e.g. in a similar way to Pro2 for syncronisng data. 

Does CDC have any event/triggers available that can be hooked into? I can't find any details but imagine this would be quite a common request. 

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Posted by Garry Hall on 13-Nov-2017 22:24

It is not possible to add create triggers to CDC records (and you can't unfreeze the CDC tables). It is possible to add a delete trigger, but that is not what you want. And there are no hooks.

Is this something you can achieve with a create, write and delete triggers on the source table(s) instead? The CDC records are created in the db engine, not in the AVM i.e. where they are created, there is no context for an AVM to run the ABL triggers. Note that CDC records are created for ABL, SQL and various db utilities, so if there is a hook, it would have to be provided in all contexts.

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