Posted by Jcao on 25-Oct-2017 05:38

I am using OpenEdge 10.2.B but would like use the library which was introduced in 11.5.1. Is this in any way possible?

I am currently getting a error (Invalid version, 1100 (expected 1005) in object file (2888)) when compiling as the pl file I've added to the propath is expecting me to be running version 11 of progress.

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Posted by Peter Judge on 25-Oct-2017 08:10

It is not possible to run the r-code from 11.x in 10.2b – you will see errors similar to what you’re seeing; you should be working from source in that case. You’d also need the library and source.
However, there are also certain language and other elements introduced in 11+ that will cause the 11+ code to not compile – JsonObject support was only added in 11.0 .

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