Can I export matrix to Excel from SAS University on PC under

Posted by emmablisa on 14-Oct-2017 07:17

I wish to write to Excel on my PC a "big" matrix of p rows and c columns, e.g. 3,000 rows and 20 columns. But it's not easy, and I'm wondering if I can simplify it by using a fixed number for rows and columns instead of:

array mat               {&periods,&columns};

Right now, I'm on the free version of SAS called "SAS University Edition", which has only community help.

I would like to output it to Excel, but using VMWARE on a PC to get SAS Studio to run, you can't write directly to disk (although there is a myfolder).

I tried this, but got this error log:

 proc export data=WORK.CPAPMONTE1

file= "/folders/myfolders/outfile1.xlsx"




ERROR: XLSX file can not be created -> /folders/myfolders//outfile1.xlsx. Make sure the path name is correct and that you have write permission.

ERROR: Too many variables for the output file

I figure that the 2nd error is just due to the first error, which has a // instead of a /

  1. I have defined a special folder for my data in SAS University Edition as: /folders/myfolders/CPAP1

but I haven't figured out how to point to there.

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Posted by Patrick Tingen on 15-Oct-2017 13:15

I think you might not be on the best forum for that question. This forum is about OpenEdge

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 16-Oct-2017 06:10

Why are you asking about this here?  This site doesn’t know anything about SAS.

Posted by Stefan Drissen on 16-Oct-2017 08:17

Paste the first paragraph into google and you will see that this is a spambot attempt...

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