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Posted by xjg on 13-Oct-2017 08:03


This may be a silly question but I was wondering if I could "add" a file within an XML file.

I'm working in a development where I need to "attach" some files to an existing XML file to be later transferred to another system.

I was thinking (and I've already done some steps) of creating some extra nodes in the XML file and just use the method 

MEMPTR-TO-NODE-VALUE( ) from the x-noderef class.

However, in the receiving system, I'm having some issues when splitting the file into the original part and those "attachments". 

At first, in the sending side I just did:

COPY-LOB FROM FILE 'myfile.pdf' TO mData.  where mData is a memptr.  Afterwards, I ran the memptr-to-node-value() and the try to split the file in the receiving side, but the file I was able to create seem corrupted and for sure had a smaller size..I couldn't open it.

In my second attempt I added an BASE64-ENCODE(mData) and the memptr I passed to the x-noderef was binary data in the sending side. However, when trying to split the file I get "Invalid character data found in MEMPTR for codepage ISO8859-1 (12012)".

Does someone know how I could fix this keeping in mind that my goal is just to send everything in this same XML file?

Thanks in advance!

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 13-Oct-2017 08:06

base64 encode the data and add it to a cdata node

Posted by xjg on 13-Oct-2017 08:43

Hello Brian,

Thanks for your quick response.

I've done something as follows:

Sending side:

COPY-LOB FROM FILE 'myfile.pdf' TO mData.  (mData is a memptr)

lv_pdfFile = BASE64-ENCODE(mData).  (lv_pdfFile is a longchar)

COPY-LOB FROM lv_pdfFile TO mb64Data. (mb64Data is a memptr)


hxdoc:CREATE-NODE(hNoderefValue, "", "CDATA-SECTION").



Receiving side:


hNodeAttach_cont:NODE-VALUE-TO-MEMPTR(hNodeContent). (hNodeContent is a memptr)

COPY-LOB FROM hNodeContent to lv_pdfFile. (lv_pdfFile is memptr and lv_pdfFile is a longchar)

lv_mData = BASE64-DECODE(lv_pdfFile). (lv_mData is a memptr) 

COPY-LOB FROM lv_mData to FILE "myreceivedfile.pdf".

Still receiving the error "Invalid character data found in MEMPTR for codepage ISO8859-1" in the yellow-highlighted line

I've tried to use the CONVERT, NO-CONVERT expressions without any success.. 

Any idea?

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 13-Oct-2017 08:46

Can you send the actual code so I can look at it?

Posted by xjg on 13-Oct-2017 08:59

Sending side:

define variable lv_mData                      as memptr            no-undo.
define variable lv_mb64Data                as memptr            no-undo.
define variable lv_pdfFile                      as longchar          no-undo.
define variable iph_xdocument             as handle  no-undo.
define variable hNodeRef                   as handle no-undo.

define variable hNoderefChild           as handle no-undo.
define variable hNoderefChild2         as handle no-undo.
define variable hNoderefValue          as handle no-undo.

create x-noderef hNodeRef.
create x-noderef hNoderefChild.
create x-noderef hNoderefChild2.
create x-noderef hNoderefValue.

/* File to memptr */

COPY-LOB FROM FILE 'myFile.pdf' TO lv_mData.

lv_pdfFile = BASE64-ENCODE(lv_mData).

COPY-LOB FROM lv_pdfFile TO lv_mb64Data.

/* Create the structure


       <Name> file_name </name>

       <Content> FILE CONTENT HERE </content>



iph_xdocument:CREATE-NODE(hNoderefChild, "Attachment", "ELEMENT").


iph_xdocument:CREATE-NODE(hNoderefChild2, "Name", "ELEMENT").


iph_xdocument:CREATE-NODE(hNoderefValue, "", "TEXT").


hNoderefValue:NODE-VALUE = "myFile.pdf".

iph_xdocument:CREATE-NODE(hNoderefChild2, "Content", "ELEMENT").


iph_xdocument:CREATE-NODE(hNoderefValue, "", "CDATA-SECTION").



Receiving side:

  define input parameter iph_hNodeRef  as handle no-undo.

  define variable hNodeAttach          as handle    no-undo.

  define variable hNodeContent        as memptr    no-undo.

  define variable hNodeAttach_cont  as handle    no-undo.

  define variable lv_pdfFile        as longchar  no-undo.

  define variable lv_mData         as memptr    no-undo.

  create x-noderef hNodeAttach.

  create x-noderef hNodeAttach_cont.


        if (hNodeAttach:LOCAL-NAME) = "Content" then do:

           hNodeAttach:GET-CHILD(hNodeAttach_cont, 1).


           COPY-LOB FROM hNodeContent to lv_pdfFile.

           lv_mData = BASE64-DECODE(lv_pdfFile).

           COPY-LOB FROM lv_mData to FILE "myreceivedfile.pdf".


I've changed somethings cause the code is split in different procedures I tried to not miss any of the key parts.

Posted by xjg on 16-Oct-2017 09:29

Hi again, I've tried working with the SAX-writer / SAX-reader, but eventually I end up with the same "Invalid character data found in MEMPTR for codepage ISO8859-1" error.

At some point, because of the BASE64-ENCODE/DECODE and the usage of the copy-lob I have an issue with the codepage ..

Any suggestion?

Posted by Stefan Drissen on 16-Oct-2017 11:01

I'd say it's some kind of bug / really crap default handling on copy-lob from memptr to longchar. The memptr is null terminated, the null is screwing up the copy-lob.

If you change:

COPY-LOB FROM hNodeContent to lv_pdfFile.


COPY-LOB FROM hNodeContent starting at 1 for get-size( hnodecontent ) - 1 to lv_pdfFile.

Then you should be fine (it worked for me).

BTW next time, please add a snippet or a snippet that actually compiles. It lowers the barrier for anyone wanting to actually look at your issue.

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