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Posted by Stefan Marquardt on 04-Oct-2017 07:01

What are the advantages or maybe the disadvantages to have the .r files separated from the sources?
Is it a good general rule to separate them?

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Posted by Peter Judge on 04-Oct-2017 08:24

I think it’s a good rule to separate them. I do it partly for “cleanliness” reasons (so I can clean out a tree of files easily) and partly in case I want to build for different targets from one set of sources (for example TTY vs GUI). I also like the “separation of concerns” feeling it gives me.
It’s also following (largely) other languages’ project structures, where source and build artifacts are in different locations.
That said, most modern tools (like Ant or other build-oriented ) can easily cope with one folder and split out the various files .

Posted by mio on 04-Oct-2017 08:55

Separating them is to my opinion a good rule of thumb.

As an example, we do not give end-user site the source. So distribution of R code is easier and faster too.

Also, if delivering in many languages (eg French, English , Spanish...), we build a separate COMPILED Folder, with sub dir for each language (EN, FR, SP etc). Again its easier to deliver.

Also you may delete R code often, as they are usually less important, since you can recompile anything in few minutes. A must say, we have built a compiler procedure of own own, than can compile automatically the same app in up to 20 regional languages. A language being a Context more than an official country language. Ex: Terms CUSTOMER and CLIENT are the same word , but used in different markets,

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