Examples of OE 11.xx 4GL code to set parms programmatically

Posted by scott1962 on 28-Sep-2017 11:22


Put the code samples found in Kbase #13225 to good use.  They show you how to work around the incompatibility between OE 11.xx and the old Crystal 11.5 OCX by loading .Net Crystal assemblies programmatically via the 4GL.  Code works great.

Now need to be able extend that code to pass in report parms programmatically so that the parameter input screen doesn't launch when the code loads up the report.

Can anyone point me to some 4GL examples/samples?

Can't seem to find any decent documentation on the Crystal Decisions 2013 Object Model(s).  SAP's website is a labyrinth.

Any quidance would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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