PDSOE, ABLUnit and the -zn parameter

Posted by Henri Christian Koster on 19-Sep-2017 07:23

I have recently started working with the PDSOE and I am in the process of writing ABLUnit tests. I have some files that have underscores as a leading character for variable names.

So, with the "-zn" startup parameter, you can have code where this is allowed. In all my projects within my workspace, all my files compile fine. But, when I want to run a unit test, I get a compile error saying that this is not allowed.

I have had a look at the Run Configuration for my unit test class, and made sure that the -zn option is specified - and everywhere else I can check for that matter. But, I am still unable to find where to adjust / add the -zn option so that my unit tests can run without a problem. I believe the unit testing framework kicks off a compile to pick up annotations that would then be used within ABLUnit framework - and that this compile is the one at fault (needing the -zn option).

Where do I go to add the -zn option used by the ABLUnit framework?

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