CLIENT-PRINCIPAL SET-PROPERTY() method fails on AppServer

Posted by Simon L. Prinsloo on 07-Sep-2017 08:18

Good day

I have a particular problem and am wondering if anybody else experienced the same.

I created my own Authentication System with a Callback Procedure.

SECURITY-POLICY:SET-CLIENT() invokes the AuthenticateUser internal procedure and pass the CLIENT-PRINCIPAL in an INITIAL state as expected.

Once I authenticated the user, I set two properties on the handle.

Immediately after, I write LIST-PROPERTY-NAMES() as well as GET-PROPERTY() for each property.

In client-server mode, the correct list and values are written to the log, but when this happens on an AppServer, the list is empty and the calls to GET-PROPERTY() returns ?.

Does anybody know why this happens and if I am perhaps doing something wrong?



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Posted by Peter Judge on 07-Sep-2017 08:54

It sounds unusual (at best) – you should contact TS

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