OE 11.6.3 (64): Dual monitors and initial position of new fo

Posted by Stefan Marquardt on 05-Sep-2017 08:21

Is there a trick available that I can get an OpenEdge application (no .net) to open new windows on the right screen when I have a dual screen system without changing any line of code?
It could be opened first time on the left monitor but when I move it to the right one, new forms should use absolute positions relative to the right monitor.


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Posted by Mike Fechner on 05-Sep-2017 10:18

You can’t get the .NET out of the Progress client. If you want it or not 😊
So I see no reason, why you cannot use the System.Windows.Forms.Screens:AllScreens array to obtain information about the available screens.
Any as far as I know, setting the X and Y coordinates of a Progress window follows the same dimensions as the .NET screens array provides.

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