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Posted by grolfe on 25-Aug-2017 13:25

I am new to PDSOE.  I am trying to follow the ProgressOpenEdge documentation at

Getting Started > Guide for New Developers > Creating your first ABL application > Creating a new AppServer project

I believe I have two issues:

1) I do not seem to be able to connect the sports2000 database.  I get various errors, one of which is "Progress session appears to be busy.  Database connection could not be tested".  Other times I get something like "port incorrect Connection failed ** Could not connect to server for database Sports2000, errno 0. (1432).  I am following the steps noted in the guide.   I have searched KB, but so far have not stumbled on the answer.

2) I also do not seem to be able to connect to the AppServer.  Did I not install correctly?

I am running on a development PC, Widnows 7, OpenEdge 11.5. I have used AppBuilder in the past, but have not done an AppServer development.

Thanks for any help/insight. 

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Posted by grolfe on 25-Aug-2017 14:04

Please note that I can connect to the Sports2000 using the Data Dictionary.  

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 31-Aug-2017 09:23

Please open a case with tech support.  We can screen share with you and figure this out.

Posted by sdobbey on 31-Aug-2017 09:28

Hi grolfe,

Here, the problem seems to be with sports2000 database in installation directory. Instead, try creating a new sports2000 database.

Here are the steps to create new database from PDSOE:

1. Go to menu Window -> Show View -> Other

2. Show View dialog box appears. Expand 'Progress DB Navigator' node and select 'Connections' option from it.

3. Connections view will be displayed.

4. Click on 'View menu' option in connections view (down arrow icon).

5. Select 'Create OpenEdge Database'.

6. Create Database dialog will be displayed. Browse to a location where you want to create database (ex: C:\DLCWORK\database) and provide database name as sports2000. Click save.

7. Select 'A copy of the SPORTS2000 database' radio button and click 'Ok'.

8. Database creation dialog will appear stating that Database 'sports2000' has been successfully created. Click 'Ok'.

9. Go to Window -> Preferences. Expand Progress OpenEdge node and select Database Connections.

10. Database Connections table will appear beside.

11. Click on New provide any connection name (ex: sportsConn).

12. Browse to the created sports2000 database location (ex: C:\DLCWORK\database) and select sports2000.db from it.

13. Provide Hostname as localhost and any free port (ex: 9574)

14. Click Next until you reach the Define Data Server Configuration page and click Finish.

15. Click Ok.

16. Now connect the created database to project:

a. Right click on project select 'Properties'

b. Expand Progess OpenEdge node and select Database Connections.

c. Database connections will be displayed select 'Show all' radio button then all database connections will be displayed.

d. Select New created database connection and click ok.

17. To ensure database is connected successfully check if below message is displayed in console or not

Starting database server 'C:/DLCWORK/database/sports2000.db' (-S 9574)

Project 'CustomerReport' runtime connection to ' sports2000' : OK

As an alternative, you can create sports 2000 DB from PROENV using following command:

prodb <db> sports2000

For the second question, Could you please tell the error message you are seeing? You can check the status of the appserver from proenv console. Open proenv from start -> All Programs -> Progress -> Proenv

And type this command 'asbman -i asbroker1 -q'

It will show you the status of appserver.

Hope this helps,


Posted by grolfe on 08-Sep-2017 06:40

Thanks and sorry for late response.

The first issue was from an error I had earlier created and did not realize.  I seemed to have a session that was preventing me from starting the database and did not notice that it was not starting before testing the connection in PDSOE.

I have not had a chance to get back to the second issue.

Thanks again,


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