Modifying Check Out from SVN Repository, or where is the plu

Posted by Marcel Albers on 10-Jul-2017 12:07


We are using the SVN Repository Perspective in PDSOE 11.6.03 to create new folders.  Once programs have been copied into this folder, the user:

Right-clicks on the folder

Selects Find/Check Out As

Selects Finish to choose the New Project Wizard

Selects the Openedge Wizard

Then the user selects the defaults, and chooses the database connection (there is only one).  Then the folder/programs are availble for use in the Openedge Editor perspective.

These actions are always the same.  I want to automate this so the user creates the folder in SVN, and selects a new option, and the other steps are done automatically. 

Is there a way to do this?  Does someone know how to modify the SVN Check out?  Or where the plugin for SVN is?


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