Cannot debug procedure running on application server

Posted by Kai Siegele on 07-Jun-2017 05:02


I am trying to debug a procedure running on application server.

For this purpose I have selected the page of my application server with fathom and choosing „Configuration“. On page Agent I have specified a pf-file for server startup parameter. In this file I have set parameter debugReady to a port not used already. I have also set parameter „4 GL debugger enabled“ to true. Then I have started the server, the server log shows that the process is prepared for attached with debugger.

Then I have started the OpenEdge debugger. I have opened the „Attach to debug ready process“-dialog and attach to debug-ready process specifying hostname and port of pf-file. Confirming dialog shows message that the appserver is currently waiting for a new request.

So far everything is in best order, isn’t it? But now I want to debug the code using the Progress Debugger. The procedure running on application server has been executed correct. Unfortunately the debugger has not started up. In server log I have found message that a socket error occurred while trying to communicate with the Debugger; Error code is: 10053.

I have found an article in the knowlegde base describing this problem ( This article suggests the solution to upgrade to version  10.2 .. but I am already using version 11.6. Has anyone an idea, how to fix my problem?

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