Migrating UNIX OE from Redhat 5 to centOS 7

Posted by MBeynon on 01-Jun-2017 08:54


I'm required to move our oe10.2A UNIX dev environment from Redhat 5 to centOS.

Rather than recreating the entire environment from scratch and re-installing oe/java etc... on the new machine, is there a less painful way of doing this?

I've been looking at various articleson the internet about cloning the existing environment and upgrading the clone to centOS as one possible way of doing this.

Another way was to zip the entire directory structure on the RedHat machine including the dlc10 folder and DBs and extract onto the new centOS machine. Would this work? I realise I'd need to update environment variables and config files...

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Posted by jankeir on 01-Jun-2017 08:58

Zipping up the DLC and PSC folders is probably going to work. But I wouldn't consider doing it for the OS.

Do yourself a favor and make this the last time you have to figure everything out, build your new server with something like Ansible. It will probably take significantly more time this time but next time you will deploy your new server in minutes.

Posted by gus bjorklund on 03-Jun-2017 16:34

installing Centos is very painless. I’ve done it quite a few times. the oe install is not painless however. sometimes it is nice and smooth and sometimes it does strange things.

if you make a compressed tarball of your DLC directory, make sure that the path where you put it is the same on the new machine.

learn how to use yum.

make sure you have redhat doc.

Posted by cverbiest on 23-Apr-2018 02:47

This page may be required, I know it's an old question, just adding it in case someone comes looking here for answers


copying dlc from one system to another works fine if you keep the same paths. you may need to check java path references

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