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Posted by Johan Vergeer on 23-May-2017 05:46

Hi everyone, 

I am currently working with ABLDoc and have found a couple of issues.

The version I currently work with is 11.6.3

  1. When an include file is added to a procedure or class, the file, purpose, etc... of the file is not included in ABLDoc. 
  2. The purpose and notes of a contstructor is not included in ABLDoc. 

I have not found any other issues at this moment, but especially the issue with the include file is important. 

Some things I have tried:

  • Leave the include file as it is generated by Progress Developer Studio
  • After that I removed the doc at the top of include
  • And then I emptied the include file completely.

Did anyone else run into this issue, and were you able to solve it?

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Posted by Ramadevi Dhavala on 23-May-2017 09:23


Thank you for using ABLDoc feature. I agree that these are the issues from ABLDoc. Please report them to our technical support.

Thanks & Regards,


Posted by DivyaTheja on 23-May-2017 09:54

Hello Johan,

These are known and existing issues from 11.6. ABL Doc tool looks for an r-code file for generating documentation.
As a workaround for include files issue, generating r-code should work.
Please let me know if this workaround didn't solve your problem.

Hope this helps,

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Posted by Johan Vergeer on 24-May-2017 01:13

Hi DivyaTheya,

I tried this already because I found this answer on another thread.

Just to be clear, this is the procedure I took:

  1. Compile the project by: Right click on the project -> Progress OpenEdge -> Compile
    1. Now the compiled files (I believe this is what you mean by r-code) are in the bin subdirectory.
  2. Generate ABLDoc by: Right click on the project, which contains the bin directory -> Progress OpenEdge -> Generate ABLDoc.

This still does not show the documentation from the top of the page. 

I have included screenshots from the code and from the generated ABLDoc page. The include file ABLDoctestInclude.i is empty. (Also no docs or comments)

Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 24-May-2017 01:34

Hello Johan,
I think @Divyatheja Pachipula is saying to compile the include files also (just for r-code). By default PDS OE won’t compile include files.
To do this, Go to Window > Preferences and then expand Progress OpenEdge > Editor and then select Build node. On the right side you can see “Compilable file extensions” field, there you have to add “i” (without quotes) and then re-compile the whole project.
Hope this helps,

Posted by Johan Vergeer on 24-May-2017 01:50


I have changed this setting, and ABLDoc is generated for both procedure files and include files.

However the doc at the top of the file is still not included.

Include file

Procedure file

Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 24-May-2017 02:08

Hi Johan,
There are some know issues with generating doc for file level comments for procedure files when there are any preprocessor statements (or include files) in it. I’m able to generate file level comments for Non empty include file. Here is the structure of my files:
procedure file
  {include file/s}
  <some variables>
  <some methods>
Include file:
  <some variables>
  <some methods>
Hope this helps,

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 25-Jul-2018 11:38

Including the *.i extension to be compilable, lends to delivering havoc to systems...

Take for instance tt-expositor, once you set to compile "p,w,cls,pgen,html,htm,i" it is rendered unusable.

I guess if it is set "i,p,w,cls,pgen,html,htm", it would be compiled first "tt-expositor.i" and then rewrited by compiling "tt-expositor.p", but i'm in hurry... sorry, can't test....

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