Is there a workaround for Infragistics control (ex. UltraCon

Posted by jquerijero on 18-May-2017 13:39

UltraControlContainerEditor allows you to embed custom UI to UltraGrid cell both for editing and rendering. You can map the value provider property to the EditingControlPropertyName and RenderingControlPropertyName. All well and good until you use an ABL usercontrol. UltraGrid will be able to use reflection to properly bind EditingControlPropertyName and RenderingControlPropertyName to the property of the usercontrol.

This is not much of a problem if you are only using the Editor because of the BeforeEnterEditMode and AfterExitEditMode events that you can use to update and read from the ABL user control.

Once you use the Renderer portion, it goes down South. UltraGrid only knows the value of RenderingControlPropertyName, which it cannot bind to.

Do we need to write the renderer UI (instead of using ABL usercontrol) in Visual Studio for this to work?

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