Status update on top voted Openedge "Ideas"

Posted by Lieven De Foor on 12-May-2017 04:42


Could the community  get a status update on (let's say the 10 top, I'm not asking much) voted ideas posted in the "Development Ideas" forum?

Currently most of them have been "Under review" for ages...

I think the community deserves some feedback...


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Posted by James Palmer on 12-May-2017 05:41

Agreed. Jean was trying to get more statuses added at one point so we could see whether things were coming soon, coming at some point, rejected. But then he ran off to Atlassian. And since then the Community ownership seems to be a little vacuous.

Posted by Lieven De Foor on 12-May-2017 06:48

Progress should not forget the importance of the developers.

If the language or feature set isn't up to par, thenn more and more skilled people are skipping OpenEdge/ABL for something more advanced...

Developers developers developers!

Posted by Rob Straight on 12-May-2017 07:47

The OpenEdge team isn't happy either with the capability of the tools we have to communicate with our developer community. We've recently had discussions on what we can do to improve the situation, and in this case, provide more timely updates on the Ideas (enhancement requests) that have been submitted. I don't have a solution today, but we are looking into what can be done.

On a positive note, we did mark a number of items as completed over the last month or so, with the release of OpenEdge 11.7 at the end of March.

We are well into the planning cycle for the next release of OpenEdge, and have tagged and prioritized in our backlog the top vote-getters from Communities. As with previous releases, we will devote a percentage of our resources exclusively to addressing these requests. There are always constraints in making formal commitments to features or delivery dates prior to a release, but we will communicate via briefings (for example, PUG Challenge in the Americas and EMEA) and you can also be more in the loop if you are able to participate in our Early Software Access Program which for the next release will I think begin in the July/August 2017 timeframe.

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