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Posted by pedrorodriguez on 11-May-2017 06:21


 I am aware that I can map an individual parameter to a specific response header to output it in the response header.

 But I am also able to map an output parameter to the generic headers response section, should that be possible? If so which format should I use to output all headers? Would it overwrite standard response headers or add it to them?

Ideally I would like to use this option as it would give me a lot more flexibility to decide in the back end which headers I should output.


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Posted by Peter Judge on 15-May-2017 08:36

If you want this level of control over the response, I’d look into using the WEB transport rather than the REST transport. You need 11.6.0+ but it gives you pretty much everything and in ABL.

Posted by bronco on 15-May-2017 08:45

Peter, I'm intrigued by "pretty much everything", which implies there's something missing (or not possible). What would that be?

Posted by Peter Judge on 15-May-2017 08:54

The “Authorization” header is not passed in as part of the request to PASOE/WEB. We are working on providing access to it as part of the Spring authentication process via a callback mechanism (I’ll confirm the when and let you know).

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