Error with Progress.Open4GL .NET Client

Posted by Paweł Korczak on 05-May-2017 14:40

In the new version  of OpenClient Runtime  I always have an error write the table ...

For all Tables ...

These are the commands:

zapisz_param = new ParamArray( Zapisz_param_Ilosc );

zapisz_param.AddTableHandle(0, b_nagl, ParamArrayMode.INPUT, ttMetaData);

   h_Proc.RunProc(zapisz_ProcName, zapisz_param);
catch (Exception ee)




w Progress.Open4GL.Proxy.Procedure.runProcedure(String requestID, String procName, ParameterSet params_Renamed, MetaSchema schema)
w Progress.Open4GL.Proxy.Procedure.runProcedure(String procName, ParameterSet params_Renamed, MetaSchema schema)
w Progress.Open4GL.Proxy.OpenProcObject.RunProc(String procName, ParamArray paramArray)
w Prg00Common.IkorEditorStd.Zapisz() w D:\Develop\Pawel\ESP_Produkty_Aplikacja\Prg00Common\Prg00Common\IkorEditorStd.cs:wiersz 592


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