How to setup oeablSecurity-form-oerealm for HTTPS

Posted by Derek Lord on 25-Apr-2017 17:14

I have a PASOE project that is using oeablSecurity-form-oerealm Spring Security.
I can make requests via HTTP for PUT/POST/DELETE, but would like to use HTTPS.

There is no Progress database involved, this a MS SQL Server back end, using the MS SQL Server Dataserver.

What do I need to do to make the calls using HTTPS?

My web.xml Spring security.definition is set to:  /WEB-INF/oeablSecurity-form-oerealm.xml

The Spring UserDetailsService section in oeablSecurity-form-oerealm.xml

    <b:bean id="OERealmUserDetails"
            class="" >
            <b:property name="realmURL" value="localhost:8920/.../apsv" />
            <b:property name="realmClass" value="com.progress.auth.OEUserRealm" />
            <b:property name="grantedAuthorities" value="ROLE_PSCUser" />
            <b:property name="rolePrefix" value="ROLE_" />
            <b:property name="roleAttrName" value="ATTR_ROLES" />
            <b:property name="enabledAttrName" value="ATTR_ENABLED" />
            <b:property name="lockedAttrName" value="ATTR_LOCKED" />
            <b:property name="expiredAttrName" value="ATTR_EXPIRED" />
            <b:property name="realmPwdAlg" value="0" />
            <b:property name="realmTokenFile" value="" />
            <!-- For SSL connection to the oeRealm appserver provide the complete
                 path of psccerts.jar as the value of 'certLocation' property
            <b:property name="certLocation" value="" />
            <!-- set appendRealmError = true in order to append the Realm
            class thrown error in the error details send to the REST Client -->
            <b:property name="appendRealmError" value="false" />

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