PCT and OE Unit in combination with OpenEdge Dynamics: what

Posted by peggycole on 25-Apr-2017 03:05


We want to use PCT and OEUnit for our application written in Dynamics. But if we use the OEUnit task of PCT we can't use the -ICFPARAM-parameter which is necessary for Dynamics. 

I think we have to use the PCTRUN-task instead of the OEUNIT-task but then we have to do reporting ourself so it would be nice if there was another way to go. Any suggestions?

(OE 10.2B SP 8)



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Posted by Riverside Software on 25-Apr-2017 03:14

OEUnit task inherits from PCTRun, meaning that you can use <Option name="-icfparam" value="something" />

Posted by peggycole on 27-Apr-2017 04:36

Hi Gilles,

We tried this and that works for -icfparam. But we have now the issue that icfstart.p is not executed which is needed to load the icfconfig-file. Is there a solution for that too?

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Posted by Riverside Software on 27-Apr-2017 05:30

OEUnit task forces the startup procedure to pct/OERunner.p

You can duplicate this behavior in icfstart.p, the code is here : github.com/.../pctOEUnitRunner.p

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