hpagebreaks with 4GL CODE

Posted by monae on 17-Apr-2017 05:25

hi ALL ,

THe com object viewer  is giving this syntax  :

[ Com-Handle-Var = ] <com-handle>: Add (
      Com-Handle-Before ).

the excel macro is giving this :

 ActiveWindow.SelectedSheets.HPageBreaks.Add Before:=ActiveCell  .

can someone help me in writing this in 4gl code   .

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Posted by Laura Stern on 17-Apr-2017 08:25

Do what the COM object viewer tells you.  Of course you first need a COM-HANDLE to the HPageBreaks collection (whatever that is) and one to whatever it is you're trying to add.  

Posted by monae on 18-Apr-2017 01:58

thank you laura for your answer  ,

  hExcel:Worksheets("Sheet1"):cells(rowi,coli):SELECT   .

  hExcel:Worksheets("Sheet1"):HpageBreaks:ADD( ).

  the above syntax is giving error ."wrong number of parameters ....."  .

  what argument should i put .

  how to specify the second com handle .

so can u give me some code  ........

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