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Posted by marian.edu on 13-Mar-2017 12:36

While there were some rumours about a Linux version of Architect/PSDOE at some point looks like this is not a priority and that might be because there is no demand for an 'os independent' development environment... while this is definitively possible and we've made a number of steps in that direction before with our Zamolxis projects we thought might be a good idea to see if there is really a need for something like this out of MS$ world.

I've set-up a campaign on Indiegogo crowd-funding platform mainly to get an idea about potential demand for this, if interested you can support the project or even better pre-order it at a discounted price.

There is more on it that just having a 'os independent' version of PSDOE - model based syntax check/lint, multiple run-time support, 'development server' for remote development, integrated graphical database editor and more... on the other hand this is not meant to be a replacement for PSDOE, there will be no Visual Designer provided.


Even if you are not interested or can't support the project in anyway we would like to hear your thoughts, email me directly at marian.edu@acorn.ro or use the forum... spreading the word is of appreciated as well.



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Posted by smat-consulting on 14-Mar-2017 09:32

It is a sad, sad situation that PSC is still in its MS-only bubble, ignoring that so many people are using the Mac. No wonder, the Mac is a so much more stable, convenient, and user-friendly system! Can't wait to dump that silly windows VM!

I wonder if the people at PSC who make these decisions ever go to a Panera (a coffee-house/restaurant chain in the US that provides free wifi and allows you to stay as long as you like; especially around universities, these places are packed with students...)? Last time I went, I counted 12 Macs and not a single windows laptop... Sooner or later all these young people will no longer be willing to step down to MS, and enough of them will have reached leadership positions that will allow them to choose to implement Mac's in the corporate world as well...

PSC missed the boat completely in the 80s and 90s by not making what today is called the classroom edition available to students then. They're missing the boat again, it looks, by not providing a dev environment that works on Mac and Linux and doesn't require MS...

Thank you Marian for picking up the slack, and compensating for PSCs missing the mark... I just supported the campaign with a perpetual developer's license. I hope that you're able to get this working and to be embraced by the community. Maybe, by the time PSC realizes the need, they'll buy your tool! That would be my wish for you!

Posted by marian.edu on 14-Mar-2017 09:46

Thank you Thomas,

we will sure try to make it happen, can’t say I’m ‘windows free’ myself due to consultancy work but I only go there when forced and beside when we say will be os independent this also means will work on Windows ;)

Did played with Eclipse Che a bit, looks like most of our stack could be (re) used there as well although I do still favour a desktop app instead of a web ui most of functionality will be available there as well… it’s docker, linux and java so it does sound like ‘next-generation’.


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Posted by Roger Blanchard on 14-Mar-2017 10:08

I am all for more options and would love to have an option for the MAC.

However, the last few articles I have read are saying the MAC is actually losing market share not gaining.

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 14-Mar-2017 10:13

I'd suggest pinging Yogesh directly and seeing if he buys into this - I believe his address is YogeshGupta@progress.com

Posted by marian.edu on 14-Mar-2017 10:44

Tim, last time I've ping them for the node.js application server got no reply once or ever but might have not used a large enough TTL :)

Guess if this would have been of some interest to anyone there they would being it up to his attention somehow.

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Posted by scott_auge on 14-Mar-2017 13:25


Now that MS is porting Visual C++ to Linux(1), there maybe more emphasis on Progress putting their GUI on Linux.  I say this NOT because they need Visual C++, but the are, well, not a "first mover," they wait until something is in the majority (2).  Something about profitability I am sure.  I don't think we will ever see Progress become a first mover.

Add to that, Linux is always changing their GUI (as well the battle between Gnome, KDE, etc.)   Which does Progress to jump on to?  There are already training needed for telnet/et al clients - just wait until the customer needs to get X Windows running?  (There are freebies for Windows though.)

Personally I see getting out of the MS world is the web and mobile.  GUI is already showing it's weaknesses (need a run time on the machine, need to know IP addresses of databases, need to know size of client machines for -B, etc.)  The web or mobile? Give em a password and a URL and they are in.

Progress making Mobile computing a rental for development?  I think that was a mistake.  I was gung ho on mobile apps with Progress until I found out ya need to rent the environment.

(1) blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/.../

(2) ondigitalmarketing.com/.../

Posted by jankeir on 15-Mar-2017 03:34

Ah, the supposed Gnome/KDE battle again. This is like claiming it's a problem to make a mobile website because it might be used on either iOS devices or Android devices. Since they both have a browser, the fact that it is a completely differen OS isn't relevant. A Gnome application runs fine in KDE and visa versa (or XFCE, LXDE, Enlightenment,... whatever you choose will do). In the past they looked a little different, but these days the themes cary over so the applications even look the same and freedesktop.org solved the integration issues (menu shortcuts, tray icons,...). In any case, for multiplatform development the obvious choice is and has been wxwidgets for decades already so the point is completely moot. One code base for Windows, Linux and MacOSX without problems, plenty of succesfull examples out there already.

All that said, the best way forward for business applications is Web based anyway, so GUI shouldn't even be much of a problem. Carying over the .NET bridge to Mono/.NET core or even better Java on non windows platforms is highly desireable though, to gain access to a wide range of business oriented development libraries.

As for Zamolxis, it's a nice idea, but wouldn't it make more sense to just take the PDSOE plugins, add them to a native Eclipse and try to reimplement the classes that don't work on linux instead? The only problem I see there is that you'd probably need both a windows and linux dev license.

Posted by jankeir on 15-Mar-2017 03:38

Sorry, not only WxWidgets  but QT is also fine for platform independent development, pick what you like best and you should be fine.

Posted by marian.edu on 15-Mar-2017 05:10


the whole KDE/Gnome debate it’s actually irrelevant as this is still going to be based on Eclipse, just like PSDOE so it’s not really important which desktop flavour you fancy :)

It’s not going to be a plugin for PSDOE nor will use any of PSDOE plugins (pretty sure that will actually not be legal) not ‘port’ any of those to Linux… it does however require 4GL development licenses for any OE version(s) used for compile/check-syntax/run configurations.

We’re still targeting a desktop application based on classical Eclipse but after preliminary tests it does look like most of the components can be (re) used for newest web based Eclipse platform - https://www.eclipse.org/che

That is based on docker so will have to see how Progress will adapt the EULA for this as I don’t think they can ignore the fact that docker is more and more adopted any longer.

Marian Edu

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