What shared variables are in scope?

Posted by James Palmer on 28-Feb-2017 06:06

May seem like an odd question. We use quite a lot of ADM/ADM2 in our application. I'm not overly familiar with the framework to be honest. We're running 10.2B07 in our dev environment at the moment. It's getting tedious having to go digging around in the murky depths of things to work out what shared variables are around to work out how I can do the things I want to. So is there a way I can programmatically identify what's in scope, at run time, say, so I can get a better picture. It needs to be a simple to implement solution as I don't have time to mess around with anything complicated at the moment. 

I'm aware that PDSOE in 11.6 would be able to help a great deal more. Unfortunately that's not an option at the moment. 

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Posted by Thomas Mercer-Hursh on 28-Feb-2017 09:09

You know what I'm going to suggest ...

Posted by James Palmer on 28-Feb-2017 09:19

Yes I do - like I said, it needs to be something uncomplicated and quick ;)

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 28-Feb-2017 09:24

Hi James,
You can’t directly interrogate the AVM to see what shared variables are acive, however, you can get the curent call stack using the PROGRAM-NAME(n) function and based on that you would work your way through the source code to see what variables are defined.

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