Empty row in second one of three bands in UltraGrid

Posted by Simon L. Prinsloo on 17-Feb-2017 06:28


I have a dataset with a parent, child and grand child buffer. I bound this dataset to an UltraGrid.

At runtime, the second (child) band always has an empty row before the data. It also have this row when there is no child records.

I've dumped the dataset and these empty rows are definitely not in the data.

I cannot figure out where these empty rows come from or how to get rid of them.

Is there anybody who knows what is wrong? Does anybody have any suggestions about what I can try?



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Posted by Laura Stern on 21-Feb-2017 08:24

I think I would need a reproducible.  I'm guessing that the Count property on the BindingSource for the child table is set to 1 when it should be 0.  But I have no idea why that would be without seeing/debugging the code.

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