How to secify a member function as EVENT-PROCEDURE for async

Posted by Kai Siegele on 10-Feb-2017 07:30


I have a simple class and inside one member function I have an asynchonous request like this:

  RUN Tests/AddTwoValues.p
        ASYNCHRONOUS SET hProcess EVENT-PROCEDURE "OnAddTwoValuesExecuted"  IN THIS-PROCEDURE              
        ON SERVER hAppServer(INPUT fv, INPUT sv, OUTPUT sumfsv).

Instead of a procedure I have specified a member function named "OnAddTwoValuesExecuted" as EVENT-PROCEDURE.

After executing the method when waiting for the finish of all calls I got an error that procedure of class name has no entry point for "OnAddTwoValuesExecuted".

I have already tried it with a class method too and naming event-procedure "Classname:OnAddTwoValuesExecuted" but all without success.

Has anyone an idea how to do?

Kind ragards
Kai Siegele

Posted by gdb390 on 10-Feb-2017 07:59

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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 10-Feb-2017 07:48

It needs to be an internal procedure, not a function or a method.  Basically, it means that you must specify an internal procedure defined in a .p file which has been run persistently.

Posted by gdb390 on 10-Feb-2017 07:59
Posted by Lieven De Foor on 22-Feb-2017 04:55

This one should get some attention by OpenEdge product development. This *feature* in long overdue!

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