Unexpected internal error when saving PAS properties

Posted by Kai Siegele on 06-Feb-2017 09:16


I have created a new pacific application server based on an existing one.  For that purpose I copied the content of the CATALINA_BASE directory into a seperate directory using zip. Than I opened proenv and used command pasman register to create a new instance.

Now in Open Edge Explorer I can see the new PAS and I want to change the values for catalina.base and CATALINA_BASE in the configuration.  When saving I got the following error:
Save PAS properties failed.
Unexpected internal error. Check the OpenEdge Management log file for more details.

Then I go to reports open AdminServer Log file and I found the error message:
[2017/02/06@15:51:48.668+0100] [0] [*UnexpectedError*] * recorded as exception #27552 in file ads0.exp.

Has anyone an idea what has gone wrong and how to fix the error?

Kind regards
Kai Siegele

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