Developer Studio - OE WebApp not publishing to PASOE with li

Posted by MTBOO on 23-Jan-2017 10:01


I am using PDSOE with a local workspace and an ABL web app. I want to put the PASOEContent folder (containing META-INF, static, WEB-INF etc) under source control where source is located outside of the workspace folder in a git repos as being worked on by other devs. I have removed the PASOEContent folder from the project and linked to a PASOEContent folder somewhere else on my machine.

However it doesn't publish my local PASOE instance. Publishing completes but any of the files in the linked folder are ignored.


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Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 24-Jan-2017 00:24

Hi Manjinder,
Seems this is an issue from PDSOE. PDS OE ignoring PASOEContent folder if it is a linked folder. So it is not able to export the content of PASOEContent while building WAR/ZIP file. I’ll log an issue for this.

Posted by MTBOO on 25-Jan-2017 04:26


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