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Posted by DenDuze on 18-Jan-2017 03:21


Is there some way to change the underlying Datastructure of a bindingSource without needing to remove and re-add the datasource?

Example: I have an include with the definition of a Temp-table and Dataset for that Temp-Table.
In development (Architect) i drop the include on the form so a bindingsource is created.
I change multiple settings in the Property builder of the Telerik Control (example the ImageLayout of a imagecolumn in the RadDataGrid, I set it to the value zoom.
The form works fine

Now I want to add a field in the underlying Temp-table.
That is not reflected into the bindingsource that I previous added to the form.
So the only thing (I think) i can do is delete the old bindingsource and add a new one (that will reflect the newer temp-table) BUT now I lost the setting that I made on the ImageLayout!!!

I know I can set all properties of these Telerik controls with coding but because we work in teams I can never be sure that nobody has set something with the property builder and a change in the temp-table can destroy those settings.

I can't imagine that there is no better way to add a new field from the underlying temp-Table into the datasource that was created on the previous version of that Temp-Table.



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