Pulling Data from OpenEdge Database via PHP Script

Posted by Tony Andrews on 17-Jan-2017 15:08

Greetings All...  Not looking for a detailed answer, just a nudge in the right direction.  My situation:

We are customers of a company that created a suite of School and Business applications that run on an OpenEdge 10.2b database.

I have written a php script that makes a connection to the database using a system DSN (in my development environment on a local Windows workstation) and pulls data from just two tables on this database.  No problem.

Here's the issue...   This script works just fine on my development system, but our website is hosted by WPEngine.  I've asked, but they are not willing to provide any sort of driver or system DSN to allow me to make this connection.   So I'm stuck.   

Looking at the server running these systems, I can see that there are Appservers and WebSpeed Brokers set up and running.   Is there a way to leverage a WebSpeed broker to get the data I need from the database?  Can this be called from a php script on another host?

I would appreciate any direction or suggestions.


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Posted by Matt Baker on 17-Jan-2017 15:18

From PHP, one option would be to make an HTTP call to the WebSpeed broker and have it return JSON. You’d need some programs installed there to gather and return the data you need, but its quite straight forward to write such a thing in WebSpeed.
I did a PUG talk on this (REST for any application) a couple years ago that had an example of using WebSpeed to return JSON.
Here is a current doc with an example, but I’m pretty sure this would apply to 10.2B as well.

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