To Decompress the base64 decoded value

Posted by shilpi.agarwal3373 on 07-Dec-2016 02:34


I am receiving a url encoded deflated message from  some site. I need to follow 3 steps to achieve a plain text/xml in progress.

  1. URL decodes the parameter

  2. base64 decodes the result of point 1

  3. decompresses (inflates) the result of point 2.

First 2 steps are done in progress.

using url-decode function

1. urldecodeSAMLRequest = URL-DECODE(inSAMLRequest)

then we apply base64 decoding function on url decoded data.

2. base64decodeSAMLRequest = BASE64-DECODE(urldecodeSAMLRequest).

Now We need to decompress/inflate the base64 decoded value to achieve a xml. Is there any way or function in progress to get this done?

Please suggest and Thanks in Advance.

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Posted by Peter Judge on 07-Dec-2016 07:48

There are no built-in functions for zip/unzip or compress/decompress or deflate/inflate.

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