log-manager grab message statement NO alert-box

Posted by Etienne Begin on 01-Dec-2016 14:48

Is it possible to have a message statement without alert-box go to the log-manager, like an appserver or webspeed agent does ? (assuming that's what it does....)

It is clearly documented that log entry type 4GLMessages works with alert-box, but I was hoping there might be a trick for "normal/simple" message statements.


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Posted by Etienne Begin on 01-Dec-2016 15:14

session:SYSTEM-ALERT-BOXES = yes.

session:APPL-ALERT-BOXES = yes.

Above seems to be the only solution which works with batch-mode = yes.

With session:batch-mode = yes, I beleive this is not possible, unless I do an output append keep-messages to log-manager:log-filename.

Posted by Peter Judge on 01-Dec-2016 15:14

Also you should do SESSION:APPL-ALERT-BOXES  = YES.
Note that that makes all MESSAGE statements into MESSAGE VIEW-AS ALERT-BOX statement.  Be sure that that’s what you want :)
I think you could also do
And have it have the same effect.

Posted by Fernando Souza on 01-Dec-2016 15:24

No, for a ABL client, only MESSAGE ALERT-BOX gets logged with 4GLMessages  turned on. Normal MESSAGE statements do not go to the log file. You can call the LOG-MANAGER:WRITE-MESSAGE() method instead if you want to write something to the client log file.

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