Can't debug a procedure...

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 24-Nov-2016 18:18

Greetings..     Once a long while. I debug step by a step a really nasty problem with some program...

The problems result being some misbehaved variable manipulation or some subtle bug (as it is expected, didn't?).

This time I try to debug this little funy program that access appserver, gets a catalog, and compares to a local catalog. It only takes 2 seconds.  The problem is that I hit DEBUG button on PDSOE, and it runs the program, and won't jump to the first executable line, as it did last time I use the debugger.

My question is: is there some configuration that I missed or inadvertely changed? or is it another problem with my already problem riddled installation of pdsoe? (I  can't wait for 11.7).   (I did the prodebug -enable-all and stuff)

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Posted by Tim Kuehn on 24-Nov-2016 21:15

If you're trying to step into an appserver call, there's a bug with 11.6 where it gets the line # wrong until it calls something and returns. To address this issue I added a method to a class used by the appserver code, called it immediately on the call, and then stepping through the appserver call worked as expected.

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 25-Nov-2016 18:08

Thanks Tim.... My problem is with the local part, I don't want/need go through appserver, just the local part, want to know why it isn't comparing two values the way Gus commanded 4gl to go... but can't jump to first instruction on code, so I can do the hard work of pressing F5 repeatedly...

Posted by Peter Judge on 28-Nov-2016 08:14

This is a difference in behavior between the integrated-in-PDSOE debugger and the other debuggers. In the PSDOE version you MUST add a break point – there is no automatic bp added.

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