AES CBC encryption

Posted by sjellin.dovetail on 18-Nov-2016 05:20

Hi All,

   OE11.6 Win/Unix. 

   Does anyone have a working sample ABL _and_ C# example that does AES_CBC_256 encryption with salt, key and iv that they could share ? I need something that I can change any of the salt, key and iv that will achieve same result in c# and ABL. [I've tried on and off for a few days looking at examples and just never coming to the same result in both languages].

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Posted by David Abdala on 18-Nov-2016 11:51


I have no sample, but most probably C# is using Microsoft encription libraries, which use an "inverse" order than OpenSSL. I had a similar issue using Windows encryption libraries in one end, and OpenSSL at the other end.

Your best option is to use OpenSSL in both sides.


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