Support SOAP 1.2 on server side

Posted by Valeriy Bashkatov on 16-Nov-2016 06:54


OS: Windows 32-bit
OpenEdge 11.3.0

Web Service Adapter was created using OpenEdge Explorer and Apache Tomcat 8.

Earlier, during the POST request to the WSA, the third party client passed in the header field SOAPAction = "". And it worked well.

But now the third party client this field does not pass and WSA refuses to service the request, issuing an error: "HTTP request denied (400): The HTTP request was missing the SOAPAction header (10954)". 

The third party client now use SOAP 1.2 standart where this field (SOAPAction) is not mandatory. And we can not to change it in any way.

In the ProKB says that OpenEdge 11.3 and later support both the SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2 standards.

But how to implement it (SOAP 1.2)? Customer's Web services created using ProxyGenerator and published through OpenEdge Explorer. Neither is any other place I have not found a setting to select SOAP 1.2 as standard.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?


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Posted by Valeriy Bashkatov on 22-Nov-2016 07:21

I got an answer from the PTS:

"...this is not available on the server side (Web Services Adapter)."

This is not good. So, I created an enhancement request:

Please leave your vote. Thanks!

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