DataDigger 21 is out!

Posted by Patrick Tingen on 08-Nov-2016 06:01

Today I released version 21 of the Progress DataDigger. In case you do'nt know it, the DataDigger is a database browser that can easily be integrated in your development environment or started as a stand-alone program.

You can start the DataDigger and it shows you a list of tables of all currently connected databases. Then you can select which fields you want to see and DataDigger presents a browse with data from the table you just selected. This is extremely handy to have at hand when you are a developer.

You need at least 10.1C to run the DataDigger. Other features in the DataDigger:

  • Advanced filtering on tables, fields and data
  • Add or clone a record from a table
  • Update or delete one or more records at once
  • Dump data as .d, .csv, .xml, .p, .html, .xls or .txt
  • Load xml data
  • Dump database definitions
  • Clone database structure

The DataDigger is open source and free as in free beer. Check it out at the DataDigger site

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