Where can I find smtpmail.p program to support TLS/SSL mail

Posted by teppo_55 on 31-Oct-2016 06:02


Now that I have only a SSL secured SMTP service, my current program doesn't work.  And this is Linux environment, so I cannot use .NET programs.
 The question: How should I enhance smtpmail.p to use:
1. Protocol: SSL / TLS
2. SSL connection: ON
3. Authentication Method: "Normal Password"
1. Protocol: StartTLS
2. Authentication method: "Normal Password"


- teppo

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Posted by smat-consulting on 26-Oct-2017 09:04

I am in a similar position now. Have you, Teppo, or anybody else got this to work already?

Thank you!

Posted by Matt Baker on 26-Oct-2017 09:45

Is your service using SSL, or is it using STARTTLS?  You won't get STARTTLS to work because it requires starting a regular socket and then upgrading the connection to include encryption.  The ABL sockets don't support this.

Posted by smat-consulting on 26-Oct-2017 10:04

thank you Matt. As much aas I know, office 365 requires STARTTLS... that answers that question...

Posted by jquerijero on 02-Nov-2017 11:56

You might have to use an external program through the OS-COMMAND. An easy one to use is mailsend.

Posted by Matt Baker on 02-Nov-2017 17:10

Office 365 by default uses STARTTLS.   It can be configured to use pure SSL.  I looked this up recently since there was another forum that had a similar question.

Posted by smat-consulting on 03-Nov-2017 09:33

thank you all for your help!

My client's windows-support folks suggest them to setup the IIS email-server as relay to accept smtp connections from the same server machine only (which is where the web speed backend is running, too). It then would connect to office365 using tis.

They haven't succeeded in getting it to work as of yet. But I'll post here once we know for sure that this approach works (or not)...

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