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Posted by Rom Elwell on 28-Oct-2016 08:19

Our developers use PDSOE (OE 11.5) on VMware workstations (Win7 Ultimate) and on occasion, sometimes a bit more frequently than we'd like, the IDE becomes unresponsive or throws an Out of Memory error.  We've since learned to tweak the startup params to increase the heap size available to Eclipse, however, we still have issues with the IDE becoming unresponsive.  This behavior is exhibited across multiple virtualized workstations and I was wondering if anyone is aware of any other tips/tricks related to Eclipse configuration (running in a virtualized env) that could benefit our developers.


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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 28-Oct-2016 08:28

Hi Rom,
I have had good luck with this site ->
Particularly, tip numbers 2, 4 and 5.  The comments are also instructive.
It’s a real balancing act sometimes getting the optimal JVM parameters.
If moving to 11.6 and switching to the 64-bit version is possible that gives you much more room to work with and I get good performance with it (no hangs), however, I am not often using large numbers of projects and/or files at once.

Posted by Roger Blanchard on 28-Oct-2016 09:29

Hey Brian,

Quick follow up on your post. Can you move to 64-bit if still needed to access 32-bit activex controls?

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 28-Oct-2016 10:06

Hi Roger,
If the activex controls are UI controls (i.e. they go into a window) then no, it would not work.
If you can get 64-bit versions of the activex controls then it would work.
If the activex controls are really separate .exe files which you access via automation (i.e. the CREATE statement) then you /should/ be okay.  I say /should/ because I have seen issues where 64-bit OpenEdge had issues working with 32-bit Outlook and vice versa.
If you need to access 32-bit DLL’s via external procedure calls then no, it would not work.
Does that help?

Posted by Roger Blanchard on 28-Oct-2016 14:42

Hi Brian,

It helps as it is what I thought. We are kind of stuck with POS peripheral support where you can only get 32-bit support.


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