ApplicationError.cls gives error on compilation after 11.6 u

Posted by sreeram84 on 26-Oct-2016 00:03

I am getting the below shown  compilation error for the class file ApplicationError.cls after upgrading to 11.6. This file used to compile without any issues in 10.2B . 

There is no change as  far as I could see in the FlagsEnum.cls and  ApplicationError.cls.  Can anybody help me out with what could be  wrong here  ? 

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Posted by Fernando Souza on 26-Oct-2016 08:18

We introduced Progress.Lang.FlagsEnum for supporting ABL enums. I am assuming that this is related to the order of your USING statements and that the one under Progress.Lang is being picked up first.

Posted by sreeram84 on 02-Nov-2016 00:41

The order in which I have the using statement in given below :

routine-level on error undo, throw.

using OpenEdge.Core.Util.IObjectInput.
using OpenEdge.Core.Util.IObjectOutput.
using OpenEdge.Core.Util.IExternalizable.
using OpenEdge.Core.System.ApplicationError.
using OpenEdge.Core.System.ErrorSeverityEnum.

using OpenEdge.Lang.DataTypeEnum.
using OpenEdge.Lang.IOModeEnum.
using OpenEdge.Lang.FlagsEnum.
using OpenEdge.Lang.Assert.
using Progress.Lang.ParameterList.
using Progress.Lang.AppError.
using Progress.Lang.Object.
using Progress.Lang.Class.
using Progress.Lang.Error.

I tried changing the order  by moving the  FlagsEnum after Progress.Lang.Class but results was  same . What am I missing here? Is there any other order that I have to use the Using statements? 

Posted by Peter Judge on 02-Nov-2016 08:36

OpenEdge.Core.FlagsEnum is the wronr type. I'm guessing (from the type names ) that you're using autoedge (or parts of it) and that has the OE.Core.FlagsEnum.

You want to use Progress.Lang.FlagsEnum  instead.

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