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Posted by bart.syryn on 18-Oct-2016 04:14

Hi, I'm trying to get a callBackEvent to work (OE11.3SP03). I'm new to this, and I can't figure out how to translate an example in C# to OpenEdge: static LPFNSCANCALLBACK callBackEvent; ..... callBackEvent = OnCallBackFromDriver; .... void OnCallBackFromDriver(int dwReason, int lParam, int nStatus) ..... I already find out: DEFINE VARIABLE class1 AS CLASS ScanCRNet.Base.LPFNSCANCALLBACK. And in the class-browser I get following info: class1 = NEW ScanCRNet.Base.LPFNSCANCALLBACK( ). METHOD PUBLIC void Invoke (dwReason AS integer, lParam AS integer, nStatus AS integer). Can anyone point me into the right direction ? Kind regards Bart

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