How to implement a listener for ActiveMQ in OE?

Posted by Chaya Krishnappa on 18-Oct-2016 01:21


We have configured ActiveMQ with Generic JMS Adapter from an ABL session based on some of the documents and posts.

Now that my queue is ready, I would like to have a listener since I do not want to use consuming program as a cron/batch job.

Is there a way this can be implemented in OE? or do we have any suggested tools?

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Posted by Matt Baker on 18-Oct-2016 07:47

Have you looked at STOMP?

Posted by Chaya Krishnappa on 19-Oct-2016 06:49

Sorry, we are not preferring STOMP here. Any other alternatives?

Posted by Valeriy Bashkatov on 21-Feb-2017 07:59

Hi Chaya,

I have a similar task but for SonicMQ and through PAS for OpenEdge

I would like to ask you, did you find any solution for your question?



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