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Posted by Piotr Ryszkiewicz on 04-Oct-2016 06:49


Is there any way to speed up compilation time over the network ? We have part of our development team in remote location connected through WAN network. The problem is, that when they connect to our development database on the main site compilation takes much more time (roughly 5-7 times more) than locally. They use schema cache file, but this influences only client startup time. We tried to increase -Mm significantly, but this caused only small improvement. 

For now they are using local copy of the database, but this involves maintenance, so we want to avoid that if possible.

Any ideas ?


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Posted by Mike Fechner on 04-Oct-2016 07:08

I suggest you automate the maintenance of the local copy of the DB using PCT and ANT scripts.

Posted by Piotr Ryszkiewicz on 04-Oct-2016 09:26


I know I can relatively easily maintain database schema, but maintaining database content is not so easy - it can be done, but this is the effort I would like to avoid.


Posted by Keith Sudbury on 04-Oct-2016 09:29

You can either go the automated route like Mike suggests or move them to remote desktops. Or you could put in an enhancement request for PSC to honor the schema cache during compilation :-)

A short term/easy approach would be to have an empty database to compile against but use your current database for testing. Especially if you actually have remote users in the real world.

Having a single empty copy that developers could download when schema changes happen is a decent interim step. Any final builds and testing should happen in a controlled environment using the checked in and approved branch anyways.

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