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Posted by bart.syryn on 15-Sep-2016 01:44

Hi, I'm trying to get two webspeed application on a single webserver running (IIS on Windows 2012). In the database administration console, I've added a second webspeed broker with the correct parameters. For the both webspeed brokers I have a .init file in the Inetpub - folder. So my two URL's are: myserver/.../wslogin.html myserver/.../wslogin.html The .init files are a rename of the cgiip.wsc file. inz.init: reference to broker and host: INZWEB001 3055 (that's the port of my first webspeed broker) inzsoop.init: reference to broker and host: INZWEB001 3075 (that's the port of my second webspeed broker) Problem is now, that the two URL points to the first application. So what am I missing here so that the two webspeed application can be run on the same webserver. Thanks for any help or hint. Kind regards Bart S.

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Posted by David Abdala on 15-Sep-2016 05:23

I don't understands your problem. You can have as many WebSpeed brokers as you like on the same server, serving the same, or different applications, with no issue at all.

Each Broker needs to point to the right working directory and have the right PROPATH.

The usual way of calling is <protocol>://<host>/cgi-bin/cgiip.exe/WService=<broker>/<path to p>



The previous two addresses points to different Brokers, on the same server, serving different applications.

Never used IISS nor init files for the messenger, so no help available in that regard.


Posted by Ramadevi Dhavala on 15-Sep-2016 07:53


I think you are using the same broker name at both the urls to access the resources. The urls must be constructed in such a way to access the respective webspeed brokers.

For example, If I have 2 brokers with the names wsbroker1 and wsbroker2, then I expect my urls as shown below.



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Posted by bart.syryn on 15-Sep-2016 11:42


What i have done is :

So no NameServer, maybe there's the fault....

I also removed the cgiip.exe and wsisa.dll from the script directory in wwwroot\scripts. So in article P15789 they mention to use the .wsc. And rename that file (.wsc) to init-files.

Kind regards

Bart S.

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