READ-XML() Method in 11.6.2

Posted by davidhauschild on 13-Sep-2016 12:32

Noticed that when we applied the patch to version 11.6.2, a program that uses the READ-XML() method that up to that point had been running flawlessly suddenly was running into issues.  From what I found, at least one of the temp tables in the dataset was being created with no data; a blank record.  Simple enough to fix by removing the blank record, but just curious why this would suddenly become an issue in the latest patch.

When we rolled back the patch, the code functioned without issue, so it certainly relates to 11.6.2.

Real basic dataset that returns two temp tables (Shipment and Cartons - the former is the temp table affected with the blank record):

paramsnode = myRequest:getNode("/methodRequest/params").
/* Read the incoming XML into the dataset */
                                                               "EMPTY" ,
                                                                ? ,
                                                                ? ).

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Posted by Fernando Souza on 13-Sep-2016 12:47

I am assuming that the XML data does not have a "blank" record. Please, report this to technical support.

Posted by davidhauschild on 13-Sep-2016 12:50

You are correct in your assumption.  I will pass along to tech support.

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